Houseparty App Reviews

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Love it but nobody can hear me but I can hear them - I’ve downloaded it again and I’ve made a new account but nothing has changed :(

I really like the app except when I talk no one can hear me. I can hear them though. I've tried everything! Plz fix this app!

When I talk it doesn’t work at all!!

Why does it say bad wifi but i know its fast, houseparty app is worse, it used to work better before

It does not work at all update your app

It does not load fix your app

It keep saying no internet connection but my wifi is amazing!!!

App is good but keeps saying no internet connection but internet is really good

It keep saying no internet connection but my wifi is amazing

I can hear other people but they can't hear me !!??

no one can hear me help

Hi it was doing the same thing for me. No one can hear me on houseparty app. Did you figure out anything?

I can here everyone but no one can hear me

i can hear other people but they can't hear me what do i do?

Hi I can hear everyone but nobody can hear me plz help me fix this

It just keeps saying no internet connection

I am able to see my friends and hear them but they cannot hear me. I've deleted the app and played with the mic in settings but they still can't hear me- any suggestions?

Did you ever figure out the issue with the sound. My friend can hear me perfectly but I can't hear them...

When I go on it says weak connection and does not let me wave at friends doesn't load on the call and I have re downloaded the app it's still the same what do I do?

What should I do if no one hears me?

Every time I go on the app it's loading and won't let me use it!!

Whenever I try to talk to someone no one can hear me! My mic is enabled and I'm not muted! Please help! I have also deleted the app 3 times and downloaded it again!

That happens to me too!, what should we do to enable our mic?

Whenever I'm in a group I cannot add or click on someone's profile who is not my friend!! This is hard because I meet really interesting people, and end up losing contact. It will not allow me to add nor click on someone's profile unless they're my friend!!

I get notifications from houseparty but it doesn't connect! It's been like this for a few days

The app opens and it shows me notifications but it doesn't connect

I can connect and it shows friends are there but I can't see them or hear them. I'm on droid, they are on iPhone.

whenever i try to talk my friends can't hear me and my mic is enabled and i am not muted. pleas help me fix this

iv had the same problem !!

I'm having the same issue!!! wtf!!

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